Thursday, February 17, 2011

China's leader Hu Jintao

i choosed the president of china, because he accomplished so many good things for his country. The reasons why i admire this leader are; The remarkable economic growth in China in the last 10 years have changed the landscape of China and the global economy, china now is the fastest growing economy. Therfore, the economic growth is not only important to China, it is also becoming increasingly important to the world. Chinese power has increased in economy, military..etc. So, Hu Jintao had a vision,charasma by motivating his people, he is directive by giving directions to others, intelligent.., all these leadership qualities made the leader of China one of the best leaders in the world on 2010, and by the way  he was born on December 21st 1942 in  Taizhou, Jiangsu, Jiangyan.

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  1. Brahim, thank you for your information. I do not know much about Hu Jintao, but you make a convincing case for why he is important. Do you know what strategies he used to arrive at these accomplishment? I would appreciate learning more. Jeanne